Tim Farron, our new party leader

On Thursday, the party membership spoke and elected Tim Farron as the new Leader of the Liberal Democrats, with 56.5% of the votes.

We would like to extend our congratulations to Tim on his success, and offer our ongoing support to him and the party. Also, our commiserations to Norman Lamb for coming an incredibly close second in the leadership election.

But, not least, we’d like to offer our thanks and gratitude to Nick Clegg for leading the party through an incredible journey over the last 7 years, and in government in the last term.

But the journey has not ended, in some ways it’s just beginning. Let us move forward with positivity. As Tim said in his first speech as Leader of the Liberal Democrats: “Have hope. Have courage. Have belief.”

Liberals of Britain, if you want a better Britain then you need to do something about it.

Come and be part of the most joyful, inspiring and worthwhile come back in political history.

Because that comeback starts right now, right here, it starts with us.

Tim Farron, 16 July 2015

Watch and/or read the whole of his speech.

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