Labour Create Their Own Reality

In their recent election leaflet Labour have not told lies, but they have got their time-line muddled and their grip on reality is slipping.

Some years ago Doncaster Council lacked competent leadership. Following decades of control they finally lost the council in 2009. It was Labour’s poor leadership over those decades that made Doncaster Council dysfunctional.

The new 2009 Administration – which later included Liberal Democrats – were shocked at how poor the departments were.

To give you some idea of the problems:

  • Truancy was amongst the worst in the country
  • Computer systems were not linked and there were 1150 different systems
  • Construction, Transport, Procurement were poorly managed and wasteful
  • Music Service was over-expensive and in poor quality accommodation
  • Childrens’ Services were described as ‘in a slough of despond’ and as ‘in a black hole’
  • Council had failed to tackle the large number of properties standing empty

This gives some idea of Labours lack of control and profligacy.

During those four years from 2009/14, Labour remained silent about the situation, hoping the electorate would not notice.

By the time the next election came around in 2013, the situation was very much better. Labour had taken many years getting Doncaster into a very serious mess. It was unlikely that the New Administration could get everything totally corrected in their 4 short years. The Council was, however, generally functioning well and in a much better place.

When Labour took control again in 2013 the hard work had been done. Labour had only to carry the work on. The Labour team have not been responsible for turning things around, as they would have you believe.

The fact that Labour want to deny that they created the original mess, and take credit for righting the wrongs, makes us wonder if they believe their own literature and that it was not a problem of their own making.

To trust them is to take a considerable risk.

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