About Us

The Liberal Democrats is Britain’s third-largest political party. We are working to build a fair and open society, balancing the values of liberty, equality and community, in which no-one shall be suffering poverty, ignorance or conformity. And, against the odds in an outdated two-party system, we became a coalition party in government between 2010 and 2015.

We have had some discord in the local party in the past and we are now building a local party for the future.  We are looking to grow the local Liberal Democrats’ stance in Doncaster with new and old members working together to promote the Liberal Democrats message throughout the Doncaster borough.

The Doncaster branch Executive meets on every second Tuesday of each month at The White Swan on French Gate at 19:30. You can find out more about our meetings here. If you are interested, please come along and sign up as a member. There is no fixed fee for joining, but typical payment is normally £20 a year which works out to just under £2 a month. Alternatively, contact us, or join up online.